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The Money Train Benefit

Let the Engineer keep you on track!

The Money Train is a premium investment service that guides investors using the “keep it simple stupid” method of investing.  Our approach will take the noise out of making decisions on what to do and how to do it. Let our Engineer guide you through the twists and turns of the financial markets with insightful, useful information that will keep you from derailing off the tracks. With over 100 years of collective experience in the financial markets at your fingertips, this service will become your “go to” source before you make a decision. With decades of market experience, The Money Train is uniquely able to excel where most investors fail. While other pundits obsess over yesterday’s news, we reveal what works through a risk management approach only known by seasoned professionals. Yesterday’s news is already in today’s stock prices – the only way to profit is to accurately predict tomorrow’s headlines before they are printed. This is done by following demand patterns and looking at trends in newspapers and magazines – When everyone has the information, the trend is over. Headline news and talking heads on the TV are just reporting what has happened; it’s the interpretation that counts!

⧫ Supply and demand is a simple concept, but how do you apply it to the markets, sectors or stocks? We will show you by identifying buy points, stop points, target points, etc… This method is useful for SHORT ideas as well.

⧫ With our “top down” approach, you will have insight into what the overall market is signaling. Our risk barometers will help you to not “jump the tracks” by indicating how overbought or oversold the markets are. In addition, this technique can be used with a variety of market, sector and stock indicators.

⧫ Market Commentary: Members receive exclusive research notes that detail what the Engineer is doing – when to speed up or slow down your investing.

⧫ Our sector rotation approach will tell you what sectors you should allocate assets to as well as pinpoint specific stock, ETF and option ideas. This is the information you need, whether you are an aggressive trader or long term investor.

⧫ Research Archive: Next Inning has published thousands and thousands of research notes over the past ten plus years. Easily search this archive to get up to speed on stock ideas and technologies that you may be researching.

⧫ Hot topic reviews, such as, what is happening with Cannabis stocks, Tech Stocks, etc… and much much more – where is the money flowing and why!

⧫ Case by case insider actions which may indicate potential trends with your positions.

Most Premium Services Charge $350-$700 Per Year. Choose a Simple Monthly Plan for $24.99       or an Annual Plan for $199.00. LIMITED TIME ONLY!!